4 reasons why you should find your next designer in South Africa

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Thanks to technologies like email, Skype and Google Docs, offshore outsourcing is easier than ever before. Owing to the ubiquity of sophisticated communications technology, doing business with people situated on the other side of the world is almost as easy as doing business with someone down the street. This means that if you’re on the hunt for a website designer, you needn’t limit your search to web design companies in your own country.

There are some instances where you might have good reason for preferring to use a local web designer. Most obviously for South African businesses, one of these reasons could be that website design in South Africa is a lot cheaper than website design in, say, the United Kingdom. You might also prefer to work with a local web designer to support the economy or because you feel that local people will understand the local target market better.

When you look at it from the opposite perspective, however, you’ll find that there are some very good reasons why companies abroad — in the USA, UK or Europe, for instance — should consider doing their website design in South Africa.

1. The exchange rate is favourable

When you’ve got Dollars, Pounds or Euros to spend, South African prices are particularly attractive. At the time of writing, one US Dollar is equivalent to just over 10 South African Rands, while one British Pound gets you more than 17. While the exchange rate is enough to extinguish most South Africans’ hopes of ever seeing Big Ben in the flesh, it does mean that overseas companies can get top quality website design in South Africa at a fraction of the cost of getting it done in their own country.

2. Its time zone is convenient for all of Europe and the UK

South Africa’s time zone is UTC/GMT+2, making it two hours ahead of London during winter and only one hour ahead during summer. This means that European and British companies using South African website designers won’t have to schedule awkward meeting times to discuss ideas, review designs and offer feedback.

Equally important is the fact that it’s easy to get hold of your web designers during business hours if you urgently need something changed once your site is up and running. There’s nothing worse than having to wait until the start of business in another country when you’re in the middle of an emergency.

3. South Africa’s standard of English is excellent

English is one of South Africa’s main official languages and the vast majority of business in the country is conducted in English. This means that opting to do website design in South Africa is particularly convenient for any English-speaking nation or any company in need of an English language website.

4. The country has plenty of people who rock at UX, web development and digital marketing

South Africa may not be part of the developed world, but its IT industry can get in the ring with the best of them. It’s home to a flourishing crop of excellent and highly skilled IT professionals who are passionate about web design and all things digital.

In fact, South Africa has the largest and most advanced IT industry in Africa and South African software developers are frequently recognised for their innovation, production and cost efficiency.

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