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All posts by Daryn Smith

Daryn Smith
Daryn Smith is the Executive Director of Product and Marketing at MPULL, a Marketing Software startup based in Cape Town. He has lead Marketing teams in Africa for Global brands before joining MPULL, and now merges two of his passions Marketing and Tech.
  • 4 reasons why you should find your next designer in South Africa

    Thanks to technologies like email, Skype and Google Docs, offshore outsourcing is easier than ever before. Owing to the ubiquity of sophisticated communications technology, doing business with people situated on the other side of the world is almost as easy as doing business with someone down the street. This means that if you’re on the hunt for a website designer, you needn’t limit your search to web design companies in your own country. There are some instances where you might have good reason for preferring to use a local web designer. Most obviously for South African businesses, one of these...

  • 6 reasons why your website needs to be conversion-driven

    When you walk into a retail clothing store, you’re not just walking into a room randomly filled with garments. You’re entering a carefully organised space specifically designed to get you to buy products. Items from the newest range take pride of place while images of gorgeous models flaunting the items plaster the biggest walls. The perfect jacket to compliment that pair of skinny jeans is displayed nearby, with a helpful shopping assistant on hand to suggest you try them both. Special deals displayed at eye level catch your eye on the way out. These are all important tricks of the...

  • Facebook cloning, irritating ads are transforming social media: here’s how

    The social media landscape is constantly changing and if you're looking to market yourself across a variety of platforms (who isn't?), you have to be aware of the particular forces affecting each of them. Who, for instance, would've guessed that one of Facebook's biggest issues this year would be a spate of cloning attacks? Or that the highly targeted ad system could ultimately aid in the rising user numbers being experienced by public social networks such as Twitter and Pinterest? We've therefore outlined some of the major trends that anyone looking to market themselves over social media should be...

  • 7 reasons a designer shouldn’t take responsibility for your site

    When you need a website, most companies will try to find a graphic designer, web designer or simply brief their advertising agency. This is the worst mistake a company can make as designers have the wrong priorities when it comes to web design. To get the best results when looking at web design you need to get someone in marketing to do your website design. The number one priority of marketing types is to generate revenue, and this should always be the number one priority of your website design. Here are the main reasons why you cannot trust a designer...

  • CRM and automated marketing: understanding the difference

    Many people get confused between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and Marketing Automation Software, and the majority of people think they are the same thing. However they are completely different, they both have very specific uses, but work well together. The primary purpose of a CRM system is to manage account and contact information, and track opportunities and manage the sales pipeline. Many CRM systems claim to have a marketing module, however the functionality is very basic, usually consisting of a bulk emailing tool and in the case of Salesforce.com a social media tool. When it comes to Marketing Automation systems,...

  • Inbox zero: Could your company really survive without email?

    Twelve months ago, Thierry Breton, CEO of Atos, which has over 80 000 employees in 42 countries, set out an 18-month plan to ban internal email. Thousands of people from around the world have since commented on this announcement, some supporting it, others not, and many like me who thought it was not possible. There are six months left to go on his roll out plan, and I wonder how things are going. Initially when it was announced I assumed this meant the organization would essentially go offline because email and being online can easily be confused as the...

  • When should you give up on your digital leads?

    One of your primary responsibilities when you're in the business of targeting other businesses is to generate leads. Some do this through focused lead generation programs primarily through digital channels, while others take a more subtle approach through brand-related marketing. Most marketing teams go through a huge effort to generate a lead, and then they immediately hand it over to their sales team. That lead could have been someone just doing initial research on a purchase they plan to make, they could have just been entering your competition or maybe they were a qualified buyer. A salesman cannot waste their time...

  • How political parties can use mobile and social media to reach voters

    A political election is much like a marketing campaign showdown, and the team with the best product usually sways the biggest audience. Look at Barack Obama in his first campaign -- cited as the most successful “new marketer” in history for his ground-breaking use of online and social media to reach out to potential supporters. Finding the triggers to a nation’s touchpoints -- what policy matters to them, how they need to hear information and how best to get them this information -- is key to informing the people about their choices. More than anything, Obama's campaign showed that online and...