Digital display marketing is revolutionising retail: here’s how

Digital future

There’s no doubt that when you’re looking for maximum impact, digital is the way to go. It’s fast and cost effective and allows for significant ROI.

Digital is becoming an increasingly important channel in terms of retail environments where consumers are looking for seamless customer experiences. Besides offering a fluid movement between online and offline channels, retailers need to be looking to digital to keep marketing campaigns fresh, unique and stimulating.

From creating content to engaging on social networks investing in new forms of digital technology is where the real edge is going to come from.

For businesses trading exclusively online, it’s an obvious solution to invest heavily in high impact digital marketing techniques. When it comes to brick and mortar retailers looking for the edge over their competitors, the answer might come in the form of an unlikely player, a digital projector.

Integrating a projector as part of your marketing strategy will allow you to design marketing material and display it effortlessly whenever and wherever you need, without incurring exorbitant costs.

Flat screens vs Projectors

Flat screens are a popular choice when it comes to digital advertising such as digital signage, though the downside is cost and the fact that they’re often a challenge to set up. Also, ambient light indoors and outdoors can make colours appear washed out.

An alternative to flat screens, also a more cost effective and easy option, is to use an LCD projector which can be positioned almost anywhere and project the image to a screen – but in the absence of a screen, you can also project onto the wall of your shop, the ceiling, or even the floor.

Digital display can be used effectively in retail environments from entertaining bored shoppers in supermarkets to demonstrating the latest gadgets in home-furnishing stores.

It’s all about colour

Colour plays a critical role in image quality. It’s important to choose a digital projector that will ensure optimum vibrancy when displaying colourful images. Check for its colour brightness, measured in lumens, is as high as the white brightness. If colour brightness is lower it could cause colours to look dull and faded.

The edge

In short digital projectors can help display and communicate in a revolutionary new way for your business. It’s a cost effective way to bring digital technology in store even in small mom and pop store environments.

Retailers can tap into the power of projection technology and explore the application of digital signage. Not only this, but it can be used to customise marketing initiatives in line with changing trends, show a new product video, and display new offers, to name a few.

Put simply, use it to wow your customers
The average retail customer isn’t expecting to see digital transcend the real world environment, and using digital projectors are a sure way to do this. Retailers will increasingly need to start bridging the gap between online and offline and look for ways to bring digital elements in store.



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