Meet the four geeks who actually run the world of tech

These days, the world of tech is no longer the murky, obscure thing that makes your computer or television work. Today we are all so immersed in tech that Silicon Valley and its key tech players are celebrities to us. Silicon Valley is the new Hollywood, and just like Tinsel Town it is not always the brightest or the most talked about stars that are the real movers and shakers of the space.

Google, Facebook and “real life Tony Stark (Iron Man)” Elon Musk may be in constant orbit of our tech planet, but before their stars went supernova there were others putting the tech world building blocks in place.

In 1972, before Mark Zuckerberg knew what code was, German businessman and philanthropist Hasso Plattner co-founded what is now one the world’s most influential multinational software corporations — SAP. Right now, his venture capital fund Hasso Plattner Ventures invests in tech entrepreneurs in several countries.

Then there is the lesser known James Clark, the entrepreneur and computer scientist who developed one of the first 3D computer graphics programs in 1979 and launched Netscape, one of the world’s first internet browsers. In the lesser known category we also have Howard Tullman who has founded more than a dozen tech companies that impacted the world of PC games and educational software. He is the former CEO of Xceed Group,, Career Network, and now 1871.

And finally let’s not forget “he who must be adored”, Paul Graham, the founder of YCombinator, which has given birth to some of the well-known tech companies we see today such as Reddit, Dropbox and Airbnb.

This cool infographic from WhoIsHosting delves a little deeper into the world of tech and the lives of these four real geeks who actually run it.

Which 4 Unknown Geeks Secretly Rule the Tech World? - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog




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