Turn your GoPro footage into a hyperlapse with this awesome new Microsoft research project

GoPro skater

GoPro skater

So you’ve bought yourself a GoPro and you’ve taken it down a ski slope, or on that awesome coastal ride, or up that sheer rock face. That’s great, but unless you have any kind of proficiency as a video editor, chances are you’ll bore the pants off your friends every time you show them the footage.

You could always speed it up, but all that’ll happen then is that it’ll look really shaky and your mates will wonder why you wasted a ton of cash on something that you effectively can’t use. But all of that could soon change thanks to a new research project from Microsoft.

What the technology essentially does is take your existing footage and run it through a bunch of algorithms to give you a smoother, more watchable video. If the promo video is anything to go by, the results seem pretty impressive.

One of the smartest things about the technology is that it uses the input from your original footage to render views that are slightly different, but a whole lot smoother, than what the original footage showed.

Given what the project is trying to do, it makes sense that the results don’t always come out perfectly, with the odd glitch — similar to what you used to get in old 3D games — showing up in altered frames. When you bear in mind what it’s replacing though, the results are almost always better.

If you’re more interested in the technical aspects, check out the video below:



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