3 key insights SA’s tech ecosystem can take from Israel


Mind-set, connectedness and government support are everything when it comes to building and sustaining a far reaching tech culture set to breed innovations across the globe.

If it is a key imperative for tech businesses to replicate their business models and product innovations on an international scale, some key insights and lessons can be learnt from Israel, dubbed ‘the start-up nation’ who has successfully built an intimate tech culture and community with a far reaching global impact.

1. Connectedness

Everyone in the tech world in Israel is connected. They talk, they engage and they discuss – it is essentially one big community working together. With 150 000 people in the Israeli tech industry, everyone seems to know each other and each person is as easily accessible as the next. Connecting face-to-face has proven to be the best way to build long-term contacts, with the aim of nurturing and growing mutually beneficial opportunities. Once the connection has been made, then sustaining the relationship through virtual communication is an efficient and effective way of doing business across continents.



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