It’s Loeries time again: here are some predictions on who could take home the bird

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So it’s time to honour some of South Africa’s best creatives and campaigns again. Yup, it’s Loeries time again. The good folks at ‘i did that ad’.com, a resource for agency creatives to find the right talent, gathered up some industry folks and asked them who they think will win.

So into their crystal ball they gazed and came up with some pretty interesting thoughts on who will take home the bird, or, several birds. We picked out some of the top-rated digital and tech-based campaigns, lauding gadgets or companies with their fingers in the tech pie, all for you guys. Have at it.

You can check out the full Loeries prediction list here.

Alistair King

Land Rover ‘Meeting Reminder’
It’s small and simple. But kinda cool.

Phillips ‘It Looks Bigger’
I’m not really the target market of course, but I can see how this would really hit the mark. Terrific little ad.

‘Lexus ‘Precognition’
I like ads that create a context for them to work, and this does it brilliantly. I think it continues building the impression that Lexus is the thinking person’s car.

Rob Malpage

FCB’s ‘Landcruiser’
Is great I love the humour and the idea works to get across all the necessary stuff needed to showcase what the brand stands for and what it offers without being at the expense of the creative, this should get a gold.

Gordon Ray

Phillips ‘It Looks Bigger’
It’s probably not going to win big. But this one just made me laugh without it trying too hard. I’ve been dying to see a simple print idea like this for a while now. No app connected to a QR code connected to a 3d printer connected to Facebook. Just a good ol’ demonstration ad that engages and rewards. Funny.

John Davenport

One School At A Time’s Project English
Amidst the usual flood of obligatory case-study statistics, Joe Public’s awareness drive earned credibility by keeping its ambitions to hire an English first-language teacher at Fort Hare High School refreshingly realistic. Pertinent stuff.

Kerry Friend

Burger King Johannesburg Launch – “Whopper Your Selfie” – King James
Getting people to participate and engage with a campaign is so flippin’ hard, and this was a clever use of peoples’ appetite for treasure hunts and selfies to do just that. Hiding a burger in source code! Omnomnom.

One School At A Time’s Project English
An apt use of media and a powerful real life experiment.

Bookly – Native VML
What’s there to say. It’s a useful and inventive solve to a real problem. So much good.

Musica ‘Hotel’ and ‘Bowling‘ – FCB CT
TV ads now compete with the world of online video. So what makes these fun TV ads rather smart is that they’re good enough to rival videos on the likes of,, and and and.

Theo Erasmus

Lexus ‘Precognition’
A little confusing at first hearing, but a really clever and original idea. Also a good use of the [radio] medium.

Phillips ‘It Looks Bigger’
A simple, clever and original way to show an unusual product benefit. And a good, knowing laugh to boot.

Simple, compelling idea that is sharp and relevant, but could perhaps have been expanded upon in other media.

One School At A Time ‘Project English‘
This idea really resonated with me, especially because it shows how it works in a measurable, but human, way.

FNB ‘ATM Switch’
Perfect media placement, and really clever hard-working idea with lots of the right impact.

What’s your predictions for this year?



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