Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and Northcliff Hill spark SA’s latest Twitter war

Lions Head Signal Hill

Twitter‘s a cavalcade of strange people with even stranger opinions. Take the #ThingsLongerThanOscarsSentence trending hashtag yesterday after the Oscar Pistorious verdict if you need a yardstick. But perhaps even more strange are inanimate yet famous natural monuments that have garnered their own voices on the social network.

I’m talking about Lion’s Head, Devil’s Peak and the Signal Hill noon gun — part of Cape Town’s distinguished silhouette.

For those not familiar with the city’s skyline, Devil’s Peak and Lion’s Head flank the flat facade of Table Mountain, while Signal Hill’s noon gun is famous for firing a shot at noon daily.

These three Capetonian rockstars have been taking over the South African Twitter scene for the past two weeks now, tweeting some of the most obnoxious, crass and hilarious things on the network. It should be noted however, that these accounts are not related to the official Table Mountain Cableway account, or the South African National Parks handle.

And it’s not just a Capetonian phenomenon either. Even Johannesburg’s Northcliff Hill has it’s own account, and regularly joins in with the other mountains’ banter.

There was a bit of a war between accounts too.

And perhaps, the pick of the bunch:

Featured image: April Killingsworth via Flickr

Andy Walker, former editor


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