This innovative campaign actually feeds a kid every time you share on social

social sharing food campaign

social sharing food campaign

We’ve all seen it: the Facebook status update promising a donation to some deserving charity. Usually it sets off our bullshit sensors, but when it’s an actual campaign put together by one of South Africa’s most celebrated digital agencies, with buy-in from some of the country’s biggest corporates, then things are a little different.

The campaign, called Social Feed, has been put together in support of the Peninsula School Feeding Association. The association, which has been around since 1958, is a voluntary organisation which provides meals to hungry children in primary, secondary and special-needs schools across the Western Cape, including distant rural areas.

Unlike the “bullshit” campaigns we mentioned earlier, this one actually stands a chance of working because it has corporate buy-in. The way it’s got that buy-in is pretty clever too.

Rather than just handing over money, the brands have purchased media, and have given Social Feed pieces of content to share. Every time you go to the site and share from it, you also share a piece of that branded content and a meal for a child is funded.

It’s simple, but also pretty innovative.

So far, the site has seen 260 shares, meaning that an additional 260 meals have been paid for.

In addition to giving you a platform to share from, the site also gives you an explanation of how the PSFA schedules its feeding programme. According to the site, “each meal provides at least 40% protein, and 15% of their recommended daily allowance for energy”.

HelloComputer, the agency behind the campaign, has made something of a name for itself building innovative social campaigns (who can forget the Tweeting Badger?).

“We all spend so much time sharing content on our social media channels, like foodie pictures, ads, competitions and grumpy cats. And brands spend a lot of money with big media houses hoping we’ll share their content,” says Hellocomputer Creative Director, Camilla Clerke.

“Hellocomputer asked what if we shared something that could actually make change happen. And what if brands bought media that could make a real difference – like feeding thousands of hungry school kids warm, nutritious meals every single day. And so Social Feed was born.”

We’re so proud to launch this ‘media for good’ initiative, and we’re excited to get many brands involved. Just remember, no media budget is too small to make a difference. We believe Social Feed can help to grow and sustain the PSFA for many years to come,” says PSFA Fundraising Manager, Charles Grey.



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