This company compares its investment strategy to the Rumble in the Jungle

Rumble in the Jungle

In the pantheon of great sporting occasions Mohammed Ali’s epic 1974 fight against George Foreman stands tall. Known as “The Rumble in the Jungle”, the fight saw Ali appear to take a beating from Foreman for several rounds. Once he’d worn Foreman out however, Ali began to fight back and knocked him out in the eighth round. And if financial group Sanlam is to be believed, that’s the approach we should all be taking to investment too.

In its latest ad, the company goes back to Kinshasa in the DRC, where the fight took place. Recounting its biggest moments from the bought, it intersperses archive footage with an actor recounting the fight.

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“The advert highlights how, in much the same way, Sanlam’s investment philosophy is consciously cautious and – when the time is right – strategically bold. We resist the temptation to ride the euphoria of speculation – we remove emotion and we check, re-check and analyse before each investment decision,” says Robert Thompson, marketing head of Sanlam Investments.

Thompson says Sanlam’s investment philosophy depicted in the new ad is underpinned by the group’s Wealthsmiths promise to do things very, very well. “When it comes to investing, there is a time to be bold and a time to be cautious. It is knowing which to be when that makes us Wealthsmiths.”

That’s all well and good but the only thing the ad has us thinking is how interesting it would be if investment consultants were forced to fight in the ring for your custom?



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