Weekly Round Up #27: Apple Music launch and Uber petition against the city of Cape Town

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This week on BurnCast, Stuart Thomas, Jacques Coetzee, Myolisi Sikupela and Graham Van Der Made speak about the long-awaited launch of Apple Music. They also chat about Uber, which seems to be facing trouble in every city it launches in.

Following Apple’s announcement of Apple Music, the world has, eagerly awaited its actual launch. On Tuesday afternoon an update of iOS was made available and its major feature was Apple Music.

After using it we wrote about our first impressions of it. Though we were generally impressed, we still had some issues with some of its features.

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What cannot be denied however is that Apple Music is the impact it will have on music streaming. The team concedes that it is too early to make full judgements on Apple Music.

The team talks about its pros and cons and whether they will after the free trial periods ends subscribe to the service.

Uber’s troubles do not appear to be simmering down. Across the world, the service is seeing protests and arrests. In France, the riots got out of hand and the French authorities arrested two of Uber’s executives there.

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In Cape Town, the city has continued seizing vehicles belonging to Uber’s partner drivers. Uber started a petition to fight the impounding of its drivers’ cars by the city officials. The petition in a manner of seconds gained momentum.

It is not clear what Uber will do with the signatures but this is an interesting scenario involving old laws that were never made for services like Uber.

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