6 tips for designing top notch infographics

Infographics play a crucial role in the increasingly visual world of online marketing. Infographics make complex information easy to understand eye catching, and shareable. Adding of images to your Facebook posts can gain up to 65% more interaction from your fans. You can boost your social media engagement by creating amazing infographics.

If you’re thnking how to create an amazing infographic to drive traffic, social shares and links, keep on reading the article. Even though creating infographics is relatively simple and easy, there are some points you need to consider before getting started. This tutorial gives you an overview of the entire infographic creation process. You will find a lot of infographic editors over the internet like Canva, piktochart, Infogr.am and many more others. You can follow the following steps to make your own infogarphic.

1. Pick a template

Pick a template

First of all pick a template form the list of templates given on the editor. You can scroll through the number of templates according to their respective formats like Infographic, Report, Poster and Presentation. If you know the name of the template you are looking for, you can use the search bar. You can first “preview” the template to make sure of your choice, and if so, click “create” to load the selected template

2. Create the Title and Header

Title and Header

Add text to show the title and header of infographic, so viewers can understand what purpose of making that infogarphic. You can make use of Text options available on the editor to make attractive text and titles with ready-to-use graphics!

3. Place numbers inside shapes

Numbers within shapes

Using content within shapes help to and create visual focus and attract viewers. Numbers and statistics are the heart of strong infographics – make sure they stand out! Ever needed to present weekly statistics or work, or tried pitching a new business idea to investors? Whatever is the case, using visuals to represent facts and figures offers you the big chance of creating impact.

Remember you can easily change the size and color of shapes to suit your design. If your survey or data reveals an extremely significant statistic, this is a great opportunity to grab your viewer’s attention by adding visual emphasis.

4. Use lines to create a visual map


Use lines to map your infographics. As well as using shapes, visuals and icons to create your infographics offers a chance grab attention of viewers, map your information at relevant position using lines. Make sure you use a simple line that doesn’t take away from the other visual elements you have used.

5. Use colours to make your information stand out


Brighten your infographics with color. Raise the impact of your infographics using color. Always use bright colors that jump of the screen and raise the chance of getting your information noticed.

6. Share your infographic

Share infographic

Now your infographic is ready to download. You can download your work as an image, share by email, publish to the web, or share your infographic directly to social media.



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