Tim Cook takes the worst photo with an iPhone, faces Twitter ridicule


Apple has long promoted the iPhone camera capabilities, in fact it is one of the selling features of the iPhone. The company has a campaign called ‘Taken on an iPhone’ to showcase the iPhone’s camera capabilities. It would appear however that Tim Cook, the man at the helm of the Cupertino based tech giant, cannot take beautiful photos with the iPhone.

During the Superbowl 50 yesterday, Tim Cook took a picture of the Broncos as they celebrated their win. The picture was out-of-focus and had too much meaningless foreground.

Twitter, that ever-ready-to-ridicule-beast, wasted no time in tweeting at Cook, some wondering if he had taken the picture with an iPhone 7 or an iPad.

Cook posted another picture later and it was much better than his first but still not great. Hopefully the damage control didn’t come too late and the iPhone’s camera reputation is still intact.



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