5 companies that will help you automate SEO-related processes in 2016

Although factors such as keyword distribution, domain age and URL structure still play a critical role in SEO, they are not really enough to get your website to the first positions in Google search. Instead, with the world of SEO shifting towards content and context, intelligent tools that help in gathering information on user behavior, media mentions, industry contacts and competitors have become essential for a successful SEO strategy.

Having in mind all these processes, there are obviously plenty of areas where automation can help individual SEO experts or agencies work more effectively. This is particularly true considering the fact that backlink portfolio is still one of the most important search ranking factors, meaning that a heavy emphasis should be put on this aspect alone. The very process here, however, involves consistent work, which is precisely where tools help the most.

In 2016, SEO agencies are likely to benefit from ditching outdated quantity-based SEO tools and techniques, replacing them with the next generation tools to improve their entire workflow.

Smart on-page SEO for designers with Webpage.ly

Still in a public Beta, Webpage.ly aims to help web designers drive more traffic to their websites by optimizing on-page elements the easy way. The tool offers personalized keyword recommendations to make it easier to find keyword opportunities, automates UI optimization and offers different types of progress reports. The idea is to build a website capable of delivering the exact types of content and resources the audience wants and help in improving its performance.

Test multiple websites for SEO and visibility with Monitorica

For those who manage multiple websites, Monitorica offers a complete dashboard that allows for convenient testing of multiple websites. The tool is still in a pre-launch phase, but its list of features seems quite interesting. Checklists, monitoring widgets and statistics packed in an intuitive interface and backed up in the cloud definitely promise a competitive resource for webmasters.

Ninja Outreach for impactful blogger communications

With backlinks arguably being a pillar of a great SEO strategy, NinjaOutreach is a startup that seems to focus on just the right area to automate. As blogger outreach and media communications become essential for a greater visibility, outreach tools such as NinjaOutreach are likely to be in demand in 2016. The tool already gathered endorsements by pros such as Neil Patel, which is yet another pointer of the direction SEO is headed to.

Intelligent link prospecting with Dibz

Another tool focused on automating the process of link building and outreach, Dibz offers an easy way to prospect for opportunities. Developed by a team of SEO experts at Four Dots, Dibz promises to enable webmasters to easily assemble list of websites that accept guest posts, as well as directories, resource sites and business listing pages. Some of the most interesting features include predefined search parameters, spam factor algorithm, filtering options and many others.

Maximize content performance with Contentmetrics

A German startup Contentmetrics also seems to have picked just the right aspect of SEO to focus on. It provides insights into content performance by combining data from Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and other essential webmaster resources to provide a comprehensive image of how each piece of content can be optimized for better results.


As the world of SEO continues to revolve around link building, content marketing, blogger outreach and other strategies that essentially rely on communication, it is clear that reaching great search results involves far more complex tactics than doing keyword research or adding adequate meta tags and descriptions to website pages. Therefore, using tools such as those listed above can help webmasters come up with more intelligent strategies and see better results.



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