Sacha Baron Cohen previews new movie, Apple product launch style

Sacha Baron Cohen knows how to troll. Even his movies can be viewed as one long troll. At the Oscars, for example, he was specifically asked to come as himself, a request that perhaps should not have been made in the first place because he showed up as Ali G without the academy’s knowledge. And now to promote his movie, The Brothers Grimsby, he has created an Apple product launch parody video. The Brothers Grimsby is a comedy opening this week, 11 March 2016, in which Cohen plays a die-hard football fan who insists on joining his secret agent brother on a spy assignment.

In the video, posted on Twitter, Cohen plays an Apple executive and unveils a new movie instead of an Apple product. The video imitates an Apple product launch down to the smallest details, including the font. If you have watched an Apple product launch, the video is nothing but short of genius.

Cohen also mentions some of the movies that he has made, including Ali G, Borat, and talks about how the new movie will be improved, much like Apple CEO Tim Cook would claim.

Differentiating it from all his other movies, Cohen goes on to say “We’ve made it 12 % more likable than Borat and 15 % more idiotic than Ali G”

In another setting, away from the stage, Cohen channels his inner Jony Ive, in an all white room, talking design.

“It’s a thin veneer of satire and plot, that’s so thin, it’s actually the smallest and lightest and most confusing plot that’s ever been released from a major studio,” Cohen continues.

Here’s the video.



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