Norway’s consumer council reads app terms in live-stream

Norway’s consumer watchdog has decided to protest lengthy app terms and conditions by reading these policies out in a live-stream.

The live-stream, which has been going on for almost two hours as of publication, will see policies for 33 apps being read as part of an #appfail campaign.

The figure represents the average number of apps installed on a Norwegian’s phone, the Norwegian Consumer Council explained in a press statement.

The council said that to use apps you often have to waive your “fundamental” privacy, accept that the app will track you when it’s not being used and that your personally identifiable data can be resold. It added that these terms can often change without notice and that the app can delete your account “at its sole discretion”.

The readings are expected to take over 24 hours, with over 250 000 words being read. In fact, this is longer than the New Testament, the council explained.

Apps targeted for the readings include Runkeeper, Tinder, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, Soundcloud, iTunes, Dropbox, Angry Birds, Snapchat and Candy Crush Saga.

What about solutions to the issue? Well, the council has called on app publishers to follow a list of guidelines for better terms and conditions.

These guidelines urge app publishers to use simple language, write succinctly, highlight important passages/phrases/words, refer to existing regulations and develop industry standards for the policies.

Thanks to Pål for the tip.



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