Father’s Day sees a spike in ‘daddy’ searches, Pornhub finds

Where there’s a need for adult entertainment, Pornhub is there to virtually deliver it. And where there’s a need for some fascinating insights, the company’s Insights blog delivers it as well.

And for Father’s Day 2016, Pornhub Insights shed light on viewer habits for last year’s Father’s Day. Interestingly enough, the adult network found that searches for “dad” or “daddy” spiked by an impressive 1361%.

What were the most popular dad-related searches though?

“The most popular search is ‘step dad and daughter’, followed by simply ‘daddy’. We also found confirmation that ‘dad bod’ is indeed sexy, along with ‘black daddy’, ‘big daddy’ and ‘hairy daddy’. Even ‘DILF’ (the dad equivalent of MILF) makes an appearance, along with ‘call me daddy’ and ‘daddys little princess’,” the blog noted.

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Pornhub used Google’s anonymised demographical data to determine that women are 96% more likely to search for “dad” and “daddy” compared to men.

“Visitors over the age of 55 are the most likely to search for dad and daddy when compared to other age groups, although it’s also popular with 18 to 24 year old visitors. Conversely, visitors aged 25 to 44 are the least likely to search for dad and daddy compared to all other age groups,” the blog explained.

It also said that, proportionally speaking, visitors to the Pornhub Gay section will search for “dad” and “daddy” related porn 277% more often than people viewing heterosexual porn.

Proportionally speaking, users in the Philippines search for dad-related porn more often than any other country. Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and Jamaica rounded out the top five.

It’s most likely a typo, but South Africa featured twice on the list (in 12th place and in 19th place).

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