Facebook Messenger’s bots can now send you advertisements

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A lot has been said about Facebook and its advertising mentality this month, but this week the company announced that’s change its advertising policies to help Facebook Messenger bots sell you things.

While bots are still allowed to give recommendations (not advertisements) based on user input though a subscription system, Facebook has slightly tweaked the rules. If you happen to be subscribed to a Messenger bot and reply to recommendation sent on said channel within 24 hours, the bot can then send users advertisements and promotional material.

Replies need to take the form of an “eligible action” as well (Facebook gives a list of these here).

An example of the system can be seen in the gif below.

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Facebook Messenger bots advertisements 2

At last tally, there are over 11 000 bots on Facebook Messenger. Companies who own these bots need comply to the new rules within three months, and now explain to Facebook how they intend to use this new bot advertising system.

Andy Walker, former editor


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