Update: Google Analytics’ real time updates down worldwide

google analytics down

Update: 9 September, 10.00am: Google Analytics’ real time web feature, at least for us, is still down. Although the workaround does in fact provide a temporary solution to the bug, the company’s Analytics app on Android also seems to work well.

Google has yet to incidicate when a fix will be implemented, but based on comments it made yesterday, it seems that the fix is delayed.

Original article: If you’ve just risen from bed to lazily check your site’s viewer numbers, don’t worry, it’s not just you. Some features of Google Analytics is down for many worldwide today.

Most notably causing issue is the Real Time Reports section, which tracks viewer metrics as they arrive and leave on your website. Attempts to access this feature on Google Analytics results in the “Resource is not available. Please try again later” error response.

The app on Android, however, seems to be working without issue.

Google Analytics’ team is working on a fix that will arrive today

After a slew of complaints were fired its way, Analytics’ Twitter account explained that the team is “working on a fix and expect to have everything back to normal soon”.

For those who just can’t wait, the team suggested a temporary workaround too, which involves clearing browser cookies and using an incognito/private browser tab or window.

Google confirmed on Twitter that a fix will be made available today.

Are you still experiencing issues with Google Analytics? Let us know in the comments section below.



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