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Watch: Hadlee talks WhatsApp privacy on SABC Network

News that WhatsApp would be sharing data with Facebook has been greeted with concern by quite a few people. The arrangement will see your phone number number, contact list and usage data being shared with the world’s biggest social network.

WhatsApp to swap personal info with Facebook, here’s how to disable it

WhatsApp has announced a change of terms of service that will allow it to share your personal information with Facebook. It’s the first change in terms since it was bought by Facebook in 2014, and for one, it’s a pretty big one. Read more…

But what exactly is being shared and how does one opt out of this arrangement? And why is this information being shared in the first place? Our very own Hadlee Simons was interviewed on SABC’s Network tech and social media show to discuss this issue and more.

Skip to the 13:25 mark to watch the interview.

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WhatsApp to swap personal info with Facebook, here's how to disable it

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