Heek: this chat bot will build a website for you


We’ve seen chat bots become the new “cloud” this year, as everyone from Google and Microsoft to Facebook gets in on the action. However, we’ve also seen some novel uses for these AI-powered bots, with the most recent example being a bot that builds a website for you. It’s called Heek.

Yep, Heek‘s AI chatbot asks you a number of questions, such as your name, the type of industry you’re in and desired website designs. The bot also makes suggestions, such as adding contact forms, page navigation options, testimonials and more.

Once you’ve done most of these basics, you can tweak the website further with a more traditional WYSIWYG website builder.

The Heek AI bot is one of the more innovative uses for a bot yet

To be fair, it’s not the most powerful designer in the world but, as TechCrunch points out, it could make for an easy, no-frills solution for many an entrepreneur.

As for pricing, you’ll need to cough up €30 a month or get an annual subscription which works out to €25 a month.

This fee also gives you customer support, a custom domain name and a few other perks.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen such a seamless way to put a website/app together either, with Microsoft allowing users to make universal apps without knowing a single line of code, for example.

But it could definitely be the first time we’ve seen an AI chat bot make website design easier. How long until the big players in the industry steal the idea and run with it?



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