Weekly Round Up Podcast #80: Google Pixel, PlayStation VR, Mxit & more


Welcome to Weekly Round Up, our podcast discussing the latest tech trends, innovation, and news from the last few days covered on the Burn Media network’s four sites.

This week, Hadlee Simons plays host to Graham van der Made, Andy Walker and Matthew Alexander.

In a week that saw a slew of hardware announcements, reviews and news, we discuss Microsoft‘s first Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive game ReCore. While Graham might have some choice comments towards ReCore, he’s also currently playing Gears of War 4. We talk a little bit about that as well.

PlayStation VR‘s first reviews are finally filtering too, and we chat about what other journalists think of the new technology. We touch on the small matter this is the Google Pixel too.

Google might’ve authored a new chapter in its history, but a South African company just wrote its conclusion

Beyond gaming, we touch on BMW‘s planned Mini electric car, which should hit world streets by 2020.

And finally, in a rather sad announcement, Mxit has finally had its plug pulled. We talk about some of the South African service’s highs and lows in its near decade-long life.

What are we watching, reading, playing: Matthew is currently watching Luke Cage and playing NBA 2K17. Andy is still valiantly attempting to download FIFA 17 for review.

Graham is happy not to be playing ReCore, is for some reason watching Gilmore Girls and is currently playing BioShock for review. And finally, Hadlee forgot what he’s watching. It has been that sort of week.

Tweet of the Week: Mxit nostalgia is ripe with this one.

For all this and more, have a listen to the podcast below. Also, be sure to catch the thorough Recommended Reading list at the foot of this article.

Recommended reading:

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