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Is Cape Town the most beautiful city on Earth? This drone video answers all

With the surge in popularity of drones this decade, photography has arguably also taken a step forward with it. And where better to strap a camera to a drone than Cape Town?

Previously known for his Cape Town in 4K video, that garnered close to 200 000 views last year, Luke Maximo Bell is back with a new clip in his 4K series. Still documenting the Mother City, Bell this time adds a few more of the city’s summer attractions, including the Cape Winelands, Cape Point and Chapman’s Peak, to name but a few.

Bell’s work also includes a clip of “Mini South Africa”, which showcases what’s possible when gorgeous surroundings, deft editing and the drone technology currently available to consumers all come together.

If you have a 4K monitor, we recommend you watch this flick in said resolution. If not though, 1080p serves it well too.

Have a look at the video in full below.

1 Comment

  1. Richard Spence

    January 20, 2017 at 4:28 pm

    The natural beauty is spectacular. But what criteria does one apply when claiming the “most beautiful city in the world”? Certainly not for the architecture in Cape town right?

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