Watch Ed Sheeran slay the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ theme song

ed sheeran capital fm fresh prince of bel air

Ed Sheeran has quickly grown in stature, from your next-door neighbour’s kid who strums his guitar into the early hours of the morning, to an A-list celebrity superstar who opens award shows with X-rated jokes. And that’s largely because of the former, to be fair.

He also spent quite a bit of his youth watching the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, arguably Will Smith’s first big break. So, wouldn’t it be awesome if the world could somehow join those two together?

That’s what one Capital FM listener asked while Sheeran was conducting an interview at the London station this week. Never shying away from a challenge (and a chance to create one of the internet’s next greatest video covers), Sheeran obliges, picked up his guitar, and does his thing.

To be fair, we’d pick up that single if it were for sale. And YouTube seems to agree. The video has amassed just over 1.3-million views in its two day existence, while grossing a favourable 98% likes-to-dislikes ratio

Have a look at the clip below, and try to not get all nostalgic.

Andy Walker


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