Dear White People: this is what happens when racists tweet their emails

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Timothy Treadstone, known as Baked Alaska on the internet, is such an avid Trump supporter that he had his face and slogan tattooed to his forearm. His views range from general bigotry to white supremacy — agreeing that “California needs a CLEAN SWEEP“.

When Treadstone decided it was time to ask people to boycott Netflix for its teaser of Dear White People, he posted a screenshot confirming his cancellation — along with his full email address.

Twitter users did not miss their chance to use this knowledge to their advantage.

This is why you don’t tweet pictures of your email address

Firstly, the internet signed up Treadstone to 7000 mailing lists.

Additionally, someone also booked him for a haircut, signed him up for a Neopets account, and finally, signed him up for Planned Parenthood.

While this may please those who don’t believe in white supremacy, it seems it also pleases Treadstone himself. He has retweeted many tweets that still include the email address, and has shown no real sign of regret for the misstep.

Dear White People?

Dear White People, which premiers on Netflix in April and is inspired by the eponymous 2014 indie film, will tell the story of students of colour who “navigate a predominantly white Ivy League college”, Netflix explains.

Treadstone is just one of a slew of Twitter users expressing their disdain for Netflix and the show itself using the #BoycottNetflix hashtag.

We have emailed Treadstone for further comment, but we doubt he’ll see it under all those other mails.



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