Here’s how to write a Chainsmokers chart-topper in just 60 minutes

chainsmokers youtube tutorial video

Dance music duo The Chainsmokers have built a reputation on crafting catchy-as-hell tunes often mocking culture’s silliest moments… like #SELFIE. Remember that tune?

But since that track debuted in 2013, the duo have exploded in popularity, seeing massive hits on streaming video and audio services, including a breakthrough live show on SNL a few weeks ago. They also launched a full length album, which shot to number one on the Billboard Albums Chart.

If that isn’t impressive enough, the duo have also shattered a Billboard Hot 100 chart record, owning a spot in the top 10 for close to a year.

But there’s a secret to their success, it seems, at least according to this YouTuber.

The Chainsmokers’ tutorial shot to the front of YouTube US’s trending chart, with over 2.2-million views recorded

John Fassold, a music student from ASU, published a video tutorial this week outing a few notable elements of the duo’s songs.

From melody, chord progression, basic lyrics, and subject matter, Fassold seemingly pieces together an entire Chainsmokers song before viewers’ eyes, covering topics from oak trees to Febreeze to Santa Fe. It also serves to highlight just how similar a number of the duo’s tracks are, from their musicality to subject matter.

The entire thing is more a roast than a tutorial, but nevertheless, it’s trending on YouTube’s US charts at present.

And as for the final result? Well, he published a track he crafted “in an hour” to his SoundCloud and YouTube pages titled “Smell Like Tide (Our Own Way)”.

Could it easily be a Chainsmokers track? Probably. Likely.

Well played, John.

Feature image: Kat Ober via Flickr (Public Domain)

Andy Walker, former editor


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