Adorable 2nd grade class survey becomes global viral sensation

Last month, Mrs Porter, a grade two teacher in Indiana, was teaching her students about graphs, when she decided to set up a Google docs survey to acquire real data.

Each student was allowed one question on the survey, and it showed adorably. Questions ranged from the likes of “Are you a farmer?” to “Do you like Pokemon?” to “What food do you like? Pizza or soup?”

To promote the survey, North Vermillion Elementary School posted the link on its Facebook page.

The internet couldn’t handle the cuteness.

The original post was shared more than 2000 times, and a post on Tumblr encouraging others to take it received 33 000 notes.

Mrs Porter’s 2nd grade class is now world famous, thanks to their adorable survey

The support was so immense, not even Google knew what to do. Many users had to wait to submit their results while the servers processed all the submissions. In fact, there were so many responses that Google couldn’t even release the results immediately.

The turn out? 1 278 791 — with survey takers from every continent.

And on Tuesday, North Vermillion Elementary released the results we’ve all been waiting for.

Just 3% of survey takers were farmers, and only 12% said they didn’t like LEGO. The race was a bit tighter for the favourite Frozen character, with ice queen Elsa inching ahead of Anna with 53%.

When it came to food, 77% of survey takers preferred pizza over soup. 54% preferred lions over monkeys, and 72% thought giraffes were better than zebras.

A whole 93% of people could write in cursive — and it wouldn’t be surprising if those who said no were users of non-Latin alphabets, as some survey takers resided in Greece, China, South Korea and Japan.

For the question on hair colour, the school wrote that “almost every color of the rainbow was represented as well as no hair at all!”

While some have pointed out that the survey could represent “the more menacing nature of Democracy” (in regards to only having two choices for “favourites”), it can’t be ignored that the world is willing to come together to make some eight-year-olds happy.

Now this is what the internet was made for.



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