This siamese kitten is absolutely ecstatic about the week ahead

siamese kitten youtube derek zimmerman

I love cats, but I find it surprisingly difficult to tell if they’re having fun, or are genuinely distressed.

Take this siamese kitten for instance.

Already featuring on Imgur’s front page, this particular YouTube clip snapped by Derek Zimmerman shows his sister’s cat absolutely losing its mind in a scratch toy. We’re not too sure if it’s thrilled about its new fluffy, hollow tree home, or utterly terrified of the week ahead.

A cat-whispering YouTube commenter poses the below stream-of-consciousness:

What is this?
I like it.
It feels nice.
Bite it?
Scratch it?
Roll around in it?
What is this?
I like it a lot.
Feels good.

Seems about right.

The video itself has seen over 50 000 views in just over 24 hours. Over on Imgur, it has been viewed nearly three-million times, with over 10 000 upvotes to its name. Those numbers continue to grow as well — much like this kitten’s core temperature.

Join the fun, postulate the reason for this siamese’s antics, and break out the memes in the comments section after watching the clip below.

Andy Walker, former editor


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