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Trevor Noah couldn’t resist poking fun at Donald Trump this Easter

The White House’s annual Easter Egg Roll is a pretty big occasion, and not just for the nation’s kids. It’s an informal chance for the US President to remind people just why they voted them in. But for Donald Trump, this fun-filled event backfired thanks to a number of gaffes.

A number of these were picked up by media houses and late night shows, notably Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show. And of course, he just couldn’t resist poking fun at them.

Suggesting that Steve Bannon was played by the frightened-looking Easter Bunny beside Donald Trump was just the start.

Donald Trump’s first Easter Egg Roll as US President didn’t get off to the best start, Trevor Noah highlights

The South African comedian also noted the Looney Tunes soundtrack accompanying Kellyanne Conway’s CNN interview, oh, and he didn’t miss Donald Trump forgetting to place his hand over his heart for the national anthem either.

Yeah, Melania had to nudge him as a reminder.

The clip, which has seen over 1.1-million views in the past 30 hours, is trending well on South Africa’s YouTube chart too jumping to 5th from yesterday’s 19th place.

Have a look at the segment below.

1 Comment

  1. Nick Carter

    April 20, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Clever Trevor’s making fund of Trump: a man whose policies created nearly 600,000 jobs within sixty days of being elected. But he’s desperately quiet on the subject of Obama’s,Clinton’s and Podesta’s corruption, selling 20% of US uranium to Russia’s energy giant, Rosatom – and millions of US$ doing it. I suppose a mediocre comedian can’t be expected to make spectacular revelations about relevant topics – they simply cheery pick easy targets, like Jacob Zuma does..

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