9GAG buries the ‘memeist’ monument ever made to confuse future humans

9gag meme monument dickbutt

Memes, by their very nature, don’t last forever on the wide expanse of the internet or popular culture… but they could last a rather long time. That is, if you etch them on a stone monolith and bury them deep beneath the earth.

That’s exactly what meme aggregator and humour site 9GAG did to celebrate its seventh birthday.

The site asked its community to vote for their favourite memes, of which a handful were selected and etched on a four-metre tall limestone slab for aliens and our human ancestors to discover.

9GAG calls it the first “man-made monument to humour” and it’s probably not too far off. Unless the ancient Egyptians were thinking something similar all those years ago…

We’re not too sure if #SaltBae, Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen, Doge or even uh, Dickbutt, will be as revered by future humans as cave paintings are today, or simply confirm their theories that we were all idiots.

Glorious, beautiful idiots.

9GAG’s monument to humour and memes celebrates the internet’s array of oddities and icons… like Dickbutt

Nevertheless, the stone is buried in a secret location (note: somewhere in Europe), largely because 9GAG doesn’t want you and bae heading out to the desert to dig it up.

Have a look at the monument to humour and memes in the making below.

Andy Walker


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