Girl photoshops Ryan Reynolds into prom photos and a meme is born

Gabi Dunn broke up with her boyfriend a few days after prom, but instead of letting her pictures go to waste she saw an opportunity to make them even better.

Photoshopping in Ryan Reynolds, Dunn posted the images to Twitter, tagging the actor (and husband to Blake Lively).

Six hours later, she had an endorsement from Reynolds himself, encouraging her even further.

“#DontMessWithGabi,” he wrote.

Girls inevitably began replying with their own edits.

One Bri Williams said that she had done it too back in 2015, but Channing Tatum and Zac Efron rudely ignored it.

Another user who goes by Brittany chimed in that she had done it to her still-current boyfriend who “was just tripping that night”. She replaced his head with that of actor Michael B. Jordan.

In another part of the thread, filmmaker Lisa Pellegrine attempted to encourage Gabi, but got hit immediately with the Steve Buscemi meme.

Responding to someone who called her “annoying,” Pellegrine gave her “#over30 #wisdom”. Twitter user @Rose36823394 applauded her.

Someone who didn’t appreciate Gabi’s innovation was a friend of her ex, who created an account under his likeness to let Ryan  Reynolds know he wouldn’t be spending money on Deadpool 2, which comes out next year.

He apparently then replied to some others before deleting the tweets so as not to tarnish his friend’s image.

If anything, at least this rollercoaster of a thread was able to brighten up the sad story of young love gone sour.



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