Tshwane school gets ‘skinny pants’ to trend on Twitter after protest

skinny pants pretoria west high school twitter

There have been an awful many incidents regarding dress codes and codes of conduct at Gauteng schools this year, but the latest doesn’t concern hair at all.

Instead, fashion has come under the spotlight.

Students at Pretoria West High School in Tshwane on Friday protested against the school’s dress code by partaking in a stay away. The current code forbids students from wearing skinny pants.

The Gauteng Department of Education issued a statement Monday, confirming that “learning and teaching” at the school “resumed as per normal”.

Unsurprisingly, the issue has stirred conversation on social media.

Although the incident took place last week, #SkinnyPants today began trending in Johannesburg and South Africa at large around 3pm, as users discussed the repercussions for the learners involved and, well, skinny pants themselves.

‘Skinny pants’ became one of the hottest talking points on South African Twitter today after Friday’s protest at a Tshwane school

Some also just couldn’t understand why #SkinnyPants was trending at all, or the logic behind the protest.

Some questioned the pupils’ motives, priorities, and the imminent approach of final exams.

“What is going on with these kids?” one user questioned.

Some were wondering where the conversations involving dress codes and hair — which was seemingly the mainstay of school conversation in Gauteng a few months prior — had vanished to.

Finally, Twitter users also questioned the unthinkable…

There have been no reports of protests regarding bell-bottoms as yet.

Andy Walker, former editor


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