Solar Eclipse 2017: America’s doggos prepare on Instagram

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In a few minutes, the Earth’s Moon will begin its rude obstruction of the Sun, covering much of the central United States in darkness for just a few seconds.

Yes, today’s the day of the first total solar eclipse to affect the US mainland in over a century, with the next expected in 2024. And the hype is real.

It’s a big occasion, for scientists wishing to study the Sun’s atmosphere, and the common astronomer just wishing to snap a picture or two or to simply say that “they were there”.

Among the latter, it seems, are America’s dogs.

In preparation of the celestial event, Americans took to Instagram to snap their pooches donning eclipse glasses — shades that allow creatures to gaze directly at the Sun and Moon’s dance.

We’re not sure if they could be bothered, but nevertheless, here are some adorable woofers before the Sun goes down. Kind of.

Today is the big Solar Eclipse! Mr Bento is ready and indulged on our banana 🍌 flavored treats which he received over the weekend. Do your fur children have their treats while watching this spectacular event? If you are wondering if you need to do anything special to protect your dog’s eyes, luckily most experts say there is little need to. However, they do need snacks while they wait patiently in the path of totality… sign up for our monthly subscription plan today. #whatareyoufeedingyourfurchildren #jointhemovement #Whatareyoufeedingyourfurchildren? #organicpettreats #whatareyoufeedingyourfurchildren #jointhemovement #dogallergiessuck #dogshelters #doglovers #dogtreats #organictreats #organicdogtreats #organicpettreats #healthypets #healthpetfood #healthytreats #healthydogtreats #healthypettreats #dogshelters #dogadoption #dogsensitivetummys #dogsofinstgram #bellabonez

A post shared by Bella Boneztreats (@bella_boneztreats1) on

I’m not napping.. I’m ready for the eclipse! 🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 #solareclipse #pathoftotality

A post shared by Nilla The Doxie (@nillathedoxie) on

Happy Total Eclipse Day Y’all! We’re 🕶 ready! 🖤🙀☠️😳👀🙈🌚 #puppylove 🐶❤️

A post shared by Darla Straube ❤️🎶 (@ilovemusic0812) on

Darcy is ready for the eclipse! 🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔 #nashvilletotaleclipse #totaleclipseoftheheart

A post shared by Kat Miller (@katharinemiller_) on

got my eclipse glasses on and ready for this afternoon. 😎☑️🌘🌘🌘

A post shared by The Dog Mamba (@kobeli8) on

I’m ready! #solareclipse #doodlesofinstagram #totality #nebraska

A post shared by Little Bear (@littlebeardoodle) on

My girl Halle and I ready for some Eclipse action 🌒💥😎 #eclipsepups #goldendoodlesofinstagram

A post shared by Prince Watson Conway (@princewatsonofchs) on

On our way to totality! Keep your eyes safe #pawfriends 🐾☄️☀️🌞 #solareclipse2017 #charlestonsc

A post shared by Ranger Danger (@rangerdanger_the_aussie) on

Feature image: Bad Apple Photography via Flickr (CC BY 2.0, resized)



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