Don’t serve Fikile Mbalula a cauliflower burger, he’ll arrest you

fikile mbalula cauliflower burger twitter

South Africa’s police minister Fikile Mbalula is never shy of a chuckle or two on Twitter. What he is afraid of though are cauliflower burgers.

Taking to Twitter, Mbalula retweeted a Men’s Health citing KFC’s purported cauliflower-and-kale burger.

Unveiled in February 2017 by the company’s UK and Ireland division, the campaign didn’t receive a positive reception, and the minister was also having none of it.

“Will arrest whoever made this !!” he writes.

“Crime against foodminity,” he added.

The initial tweet coughed up over 800 retweets and 700 likes, as people discussed why Mbalula isn’t the minister of another department.

Others however didn’t appreciate the humour, citing the numerous cases of violence across the country.

Tonight’s violence in Sandton — involving Uber operators and metered taxi drivers — was seemingly in the collective consciousness.

Some agreed, suggesting that the minister didn’t quite read the room.

And they might be right.

#Uber and #Sandton were among Twitter’s trending topics in South Africa Thursday evening.

Andy Walker, former editor


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