Viral video: Chinese man risks falling to his death to avoid paying hotel bill

chinese man hotel bill video

Staying in a hotel definitely has its perks. You needn’t ever make your bed, buffet breakfasts are rarely disappointing, and you usually have access to a slew of channels on the telly. But arguably, counting the bill’s digits at the end of your stay can be a painful experience.

For some, avoiding that awkward check-out experience might even be worth risking your life. That’s where this particular Chinese man’s story comes to the fore.

According to Beijing news publication People’s Daily, a man scaled telecom cables spanning across two tall buildings in south-western city of Panzhou on Friday in a bid to avoid the aforementioned scenario.

We’re wondering if the Chinese man eventually paid the bill

Onlookers recorded the man’s ordeal (or adventure) as he attempted to cross from one building to the next. The footage was then uploaded to YouTube on Sunday.

Seemingly driven by the fear (we presume) of checking out, the man is seen at various points in the clip hanging from the cables by his arms, belly and at one point, legs. We’re not completely sure why the man was this desperate to avoid the front desk.

The video has already amassed 550 000 views on YouTube and a further 171 000 views on People’s Daily’s Facebook page. It’s also now the third most popular clip in South Africa on the former.

As for social commentary, users on both platforms adorned the man with various adjectives, including “brave”, “stupid”, “epic” and, of course, “spiderman”.

He was eventually rescued, but we’re not sure if the same can be said for his credit card.

Have a look at the clip below.

Andy Walker, former editor


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