Twitter working on a bookmarking tool for tweets

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We may not be getting that edit tool we all desperately crave, but Twitter is reportedly working on another feature that could be massively useful.

According to Twitter’s product head Keith Coleman, the company is working on a bookmarking feature that will allow users to pocket tweets.

“Fresh out of HackWeek and coming soon — a new way to save tweets to read later. Been a top request,” he tweeted.

This addition will be independent of the “like” function, which many users previously used to keep track of tweets. However, liking a tweet about the rising death count after the Las Vegas shooting just isn’t appropriate.

Retweeting and self-replies were also reportedly used by Twitter folk, but the company has admitted that the solution should be simpler.

Twitter product manager Jesar Shah demoed the potential solution in a short clip.

“We want to build this WITH you all! So we need your help. We’ll be Tweeting to ask for feedback, and share our thinking as we compare designs, experiment, do research, and more,” Shah added, with emphasis.

Twitter has yet  to indicate if the feature will be tested among a small group of users, or when the feature will be available for all.

H/T: Buzzfeed News

Andy Walker, former editor


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