Uber debuts its very own credit card

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Tech companies very rarely remain in their niche. Over time, we’ve seen Google become a hardware company, Microsoft transform into a creator of Android apps, and now Uber is introducing a credit card.

Yes, that’s right. Uber, the on-demand transportation company, is introducing a credit card.

Powered by Barclays and Visa, the Uber Card will operate similarly to other credit cards. Only available in the US for now, users can sign up via the app.

According to TechCrunch, the card will be available to use immediately on Uber services once credit worthiness is approved, and a physical card will be issued at a later date. That card can then be used to purchase food, pay for online services or goods.

uber credit card perks

The company will also give card users between 1% and 4% of spent cash back in the form of points. These points will be available to use within the company’s apps or can be redeemed for actual cash through the Barclays app once 500 points have been accrued.

Points cannot be gifted to others either.

Uber’s credit card is only available to US customers at present

“As long as the program continues and the account is open, active and in good standing, there is no limit to the total points you can earn and your points will not expire,” the company notes in its FAQ.

For users, it seems like a novel and useful rewards system that can be used for purchases beyond Uber and UberEATS, and for the company, that’s great.

Purchasing items through its card should allow Uber to understand what users enjoy doing with their money. This opens up opportunities for marketing, partnerships and other future possibilities.

There’s no indication that that card will be heading to markets beyond the United States, but those within its borders can sign up for the card from 2 November.

Update: Uber South Africa’s communications manager Samantha Allenberg confirmed in an email that there are “no plans at this time” to bring the card to the country.

Andy Walker, former editor


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