#MugabeResigns sends Twitter into celebratory meltdown

#MugabeResigns Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, who ruled the country for 37 years, resigned Tuesday evening after a week-long pressure from the military — and the web is rejoicing.

On Twitter, #MugabeResigns was trending in top spot in South Africa hours after the leader tendered his resignation. Trends for Zimbabwe aren’t made available by the platform, but it’s safe to assume the hashtag was exploding locally as well.

While some expressed disappointment at the 93-year-old’s departure, they were drowned out by the celebration of the majority.

Many expressed relief at the prospect of returning home to a nation that could pull itself from the economic woes that saw residents scatter across the globe in search of greener pastures.

Of course, all the hubbub brought the trolls to the yard, and one of their favourite topics was a fake movie poster for a Christopher Nolan film about Mugabe starring Don Cheadle.

The poster was so popular it attracted the attention of Cheadle himself.

Not to forget another “tyrant”, Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s manager since 1996, was thrown into the joyous mix.

Most spectacular, though, were the videos from news publications like News24 and eNCA of Zimbabweans revelling in their victory.

Feature image: screenshot, @van1go via Twitter



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