WhatsApp Status, Instagram Stories both top 300m users

WhatsApp Status

On the back of its quarterly financial statement and clarification of its user numbers, Facebook this week announced the figures behind its two other flagship social products: Instagram and WhatsApp.

Both services, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed, will be at the forefront of the company’s drive in the video sharing space. And it’s clear that users are gravitating towards both.

In an earnings call to investors on Wednesday, Zuckerberg revealed that both Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status — two Snapchat clones in their own right — topped 300-million users each.

Yes. Each.

Both Stories and Status boasted 250-million users in Q2 2017. That’s practically double Snapchat’s last quoted user haul.

Combined, WhatsApp Status and Instagram Stories boast over 600-million users

Effectively the same product, Status and Stories allows users to capture daily short clips and images and publish them to a feed on the respective networks.

“With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about overposting. Instead, you can share as much as you want throughout the day — with as much creativity as you want,” Instagram wrote in a blog post after Stories launched in August 2016.

WhatsApp Status, on the back of Stories’ success, launched in February 2017.

Instagram, in its entirety, boasts over 500-million daily active users, with 700-million logging in at least once a month. WhatsApp breached the billion monthly active user mark in early 2016.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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