H&M, #ANC106 & Hawaii: news you missed this weekend (15 January 2018)

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Oh weekend, you’re always gone too soon. While you were lazing on a Cape Town beach, or sipping some cold brew at a Braamfontein coffee joint, the world was rotating and social was a-buzzing.

But don’t feel left out, because we recap what you might’ve missed this weekend on Twitter, the internet and the world at large.

The big stories of the weekend (15 January 2018):

+ H&M stores trashed in Gauteng by EFF
+ #ANC106: Zuma booed in East London
+ The fallout from that #MyShithole comment continued

+ In other news…

H&M stores trashed in Gauteng by EFF supporters

Following an idiotic marketing gaffe made by Swedish clothing brand H&M — in which they dressed a black boy in a shirt that read “Coolest monkey in the jungle” — the EFF mobilised a physical protest across Gauteng.

On Saturday, H&M stores in Menlyn, Pretoria, and Sandton City were reportedly trashed by the party’s supporters.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the EFF fully endorsed the move, with Floyd Shivambu calling the protests a “consequence” of the brand’s actions.

“All rational people should agree that the store should not be allowed to continue operating in South Africa. Well done to Fighters who physically confronted racism,” he wrote.

The protest also became global news, with USA Today reporting on the incident.

#ANC106: Ramaphosa flies high as Zuma’s booed

East London played host to the ANC’s 106th anniversary celebrations on Saturday. It was the first party gathering since Cyril Ramaphosa was elected ANC President. But the president of the country, Jacob Zuma, was the one who reportedly arrived fashionably late.

Overall, it wasn’t a good weekend for South Africa’s leader.

And some in attendance couldn’t help but revel in his misfortune.

#MyShithole: wow, Africa looks terrible, doesn’t it?

Oh, Africa. You’ve done your continent and the internet proud.

Just when you thought the world couldn’t view its nations (and other nations like Haiti and El Salvador) in a less positive light, US President Donald Trump reportedly had a few words to say about it. Something involving a “shithole” we believe?

Nevertheless, after the comments #MyShithole trended throughout the weekend, and throughout the continent, with users adopting the hashtag publishing photographs of their beautiful homes.

US footballer Jozy Altidore, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, and ice hockey player PK Subban had a few things to say about the statement too.

Memeburn covered the story in extensive detail here, and here.

In other news:

Hawaiian missile warning was a ‘mistake’

Hawaiians were warned of impending doom on Saturday, when a ballistics missile alert was issued to the islands’ residents. However, it was all just a big misunderstanding: someone reportedly pressed the wrong button.

#Hawaii trended across the United Kingdom, while #missile made an appearance in the United States. No missiles were actually spotted, though.

New President of Zimbabwe announces his official arrival on Twitter

It’s been a while since his last tweet, but Zimbabwe’s new President Emmerson Mnangagwa has finally resurfaced on Twitter.

He published a video Saturday to allay fears that his account of some 28 000 followers was fake.

“Hello Zimbabwe and the World. I am proud to announce that this is my official twitter page. Thank you,” he wrote.

Chelsea Manning announces plans to run for Maryland Senate

Former US soldier and Wikileaks contributor Chelsea Manning is reportedly running for Senate in the US state of Maryland, sources revealed Saturday.

Opinions on Twitter were wildly partisan, either lauding the decision, or dismissing it harshly.

Manning has yet to confirm her intentions to run on social media.

Cyclone Berguitta forms in Indian Ocean

The second named storm of the Indian Ocean tropical storm season formed on Saturday. Dubbed Berguitta, the storm could impact Reunion, Mauritius and possibly southern Madagascar in the coming week.

Early forecast models suggest that it will stay far away from South Africa.

737 overruns runway in Turkey, no fatalities

Last year was one of the safest in commercial aviation history, but 2018 has begun with a very near miss. A Boeing 747-800 with 166 people on board failed to slow down after landing.

The plane slid down a steep bank, but no one was killed.

Aziz Ansari accused of sexual misconduct

According to an exclusive interview published in Babe, comedian Ansari was involved in an incident of sexual misconduct with a 23-year-old woman in 2017.

“Aziz Ansari” began trending Sunday after the story broke, in which Ansari “violated” the woman dubbed Grace.

“I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn’t interested. I don’t think that was noticed at all, or if it was, it was ignored,” Grace explains.

“It really hit me that I was violated. I felt really emotional all at once when we sat down there. That that whole experience was actually horrible.”

The full story on Babe can be found below.

DA formerly charges Patricia de Lille for ‘misconduct’

Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille was formerly charged by the DA’s Federal Executive Sunday for “alleged misconduct”.

De Lille will retain her mayoral seat, but may lose her power to lead the City of Cape Town’s drought response, the DA leader Mmusi Maimane revealed.

#DeLille was trending across Cape Town on Sunday evening.

Feature image: Mike Mozart via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Andy Walker, former editor


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