Siri’s definition of ‘mother’ is beyond spicy

siri apple watch fikri rasyid unsplash

Want to hear Siri swear at you and your beloved mother? Ask her for the definition of your favourite parent.

She’ll initially reply with a common definition, but she also offers another slightly more suspect explanation.

“Do you wanna hear the next one?” she asks, and if you innocently reply “yes”, she provides a brief suggestion that it’s, uh, “short for motherfucker”.

This little bug or Apple employee inside joke was discovered by Reddit this past weekend. And it seemingly works with all versions of Siri, from MacOS to iPhones as old as the 5 and as new as the X.

It’s extremely odd too, because not only is Siri an outstanding law-abiding citizen, she’s also not known for her voluntary cussing.

Savvy users have forced her to swear in the past, but it seems that this particular vulgarity stems from the Oxford Dictionary’s extremely far-reaching definitions library.

It’s interesting however that it’s taken this long to surface. Also, perfect timing for Mother’s Day too, we think.

There’s no word on whether Apple has fixed the issue just yet, but it’s problematic considering that voice assistants can be used for educational purposes.

Even Apple itself is pushing its iPad range into the hands of teachers and students.

Feature image: Fikri Rasyid via Unsplash

Andy Walker, former editor


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