Poll: users are totally okay with Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica mishap

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More than 60% of Facebook users in the United States seemingly don’t care about the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a new survey suggests.

Reuters and Ipsos on Sunday released the results of a poll conducted in April querying US social media users’ habits a month after the dodgy data revelations. Remarkably, it seems that Facebook experienced very little if any fallout from the news.

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Of the 2194 respondents, 64% suggested that they still use Facebook at least once a day. That’s down by a miserly 4% in March.

Notably, privacy does seem to be at the forefront of respondents’ minds. 74% claimed that they were aware of their privacy settings, while 78% understood how to tweak them if need be. However, less than a quarter claimed that they felt they had full control of their data.

Facebook’s own financial report published earlier this month suggested that North American users grew by 2-million in Q1 2018 over the previous quarter.

Have a look at the full poll here.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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