‘Fifty Shades of Blockchain’ is the smut the internet really needs

fifty shades of blockchain twitter account

You know what adult romantic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey lacked? Blockchain jargon. At least that’s what this particular Twitter account is trying to prove (and is pretty successful at that too).

Although it’s a fairly young account, @blockshade — better known as Fifty Shades of Blockchain — already has some 2700 followers, enthralled by 22 tweets of blockchain-fueled smut.

According to the bio, it’s a Markov chain bot run by Jackson Palmer, the founder of Dogecoin. There’s a sentence you may want to read again.

A Markov chain bot enables developers to create Twitter politicians or, in this case, a sassy personality re-writing one of this decade’s most loved hated works.

While some tweets are hilarious, others are laden with jargon and remain inaccessible for those without a degree in running parallel graphics cards simultaneously.

But Palmer isn’t quite done with his creation. He’s currently looking to improve the bot’s “quality and reliability of output” which Anastasia will be thrilled to hear.

Nevertheless, for those who love some good blockchain roleplay, sit back and enjoy these five zingers.


Feature image: screenshot, @blockshade via Twitter

Andy Walker, former editor


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