Uber breaks the 10-billion trips barrier worldwide

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Ride-hailing service Uber has this month surpassed 10-billion trips worldwide.

In a blog post published Tuesday, the company announced the milestone, which took it a little over eight years to reach.

“We’ve hit some pretty exciting milestones together in the past, and this latest one is no different,” it wrote.

“On Sunday, June 10, 173 trips and deliveries started simultaneously at 10:12pm GMT, putting us over 10 billion completed trips.”

As for who those people were who pushed the company over the brink, five of them were eating fast food.

“These trips happened in more than 21 countries across five continents, in cities like Montreal, Mexico City and Miami,” the company added.


“Latin America took the top spot for most simultaneous trips on a continent. And a few lucky eaters across five countries were munching on McDonald’s, noodles, sushi, burgers and tacos at the time.

“The shortest trip was an Uber Eats delivery, clocking in at just over half a mile, while the longest trip was a traveler taking a 41-mile ride to the airport in Denver,” it concluded.

The company’s previous milestones include surpassing a million trips in 2012, and two billion in 2016.

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Andy Walker, former editor


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