Here are the coolest new emoji coming to Android Pie

android pie emoji

With Google’s recent launch of Android 9 comes Emoji 11.0 and a bunch of new, expressive and politically correct, emojis for users.

Though the entire list is 157 new characters long, here are some of our honourable mentions.

The Hot Face

This emoji looks like it just ran a marathon it didn’t train for, and is so relatable to everyday life.

I can imagine it being used to describe anything from a terribly hot day, to disappointing food and even just the general fatigue of daily life we all suffer from.

The Pleading Face

Admittedly the so called pleading face looks more like the face you make when a dentist gets out his choicier equipment.

With its somewhat cute nature though, I’m sure this one is going to start replacing the dramatics of the cry face.

New Food emojis

It’s no surprise that one of the new food emoji you’ll get with Android Pie is in fact a pie, but you’ll also have a salt shaker for your saltier texts, a mango and (finally) a cupcake.

In an apparently controversial move, the green salad emoji’s egg has been removed to cater for vegan texters.

Letting everyone know about your cravings will be so much easier now.

Animal Emojis

If mosquitos aren’t enough in real life you’ll now have them on your emoji keyboard too along with a lobster, a llama and a kangaroo, just to name a few.

Improvements have also been made to the turtle emoji, who’s gone from dull and sarcastic to bright and overly optimistic.

The Gun and Dagger

The pistol emoji has been changed to a toy squirt gun, a common change to gun emojis that’s meant to promote peace and not incite violence.

On the flip side, the once letter-opener-like dagger emoji now sparkles and has a more realistic sheen to its blade.

Inclusive Hair Colour

The red haired and curly haired people will finally be on Android phones too along with bald people and silver haired people.

Now you can chat no matter what hairstyle you have.

More notable changes

A few more notable emojis among the many include the new “gender-inclusive” superhero, super villain, family and couple.

The camel has also got his head shrunken to suit his body and it seems like blood now rushes to the head of the upside down emoji with a change in colour gradient — let’s face it, he deserved it.

The release of these new emojis is certainly meant to make texting more inclusive and fun, allowing users who will receive the Android 9 Pie update to be even more expressive on social media platforms.

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Shereesa Moodley


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