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How much time do you spend on YouTube? Now you can find out

Ever wondered how much time you spend on YouTube? I’m sure you often feel like the answer is “too much” either way you look at it.

But this week Google has rolled out more tools to make you face uncomfortable truths in the form of a digital wellbeing dashboard.

“To give you a better understanding of how much you watch, we’ve built a profile that’s available in your account menu”, the company announced on its official blog.

“This profile tells you how long you’ve watched YouTube videos today, yesterday and over the past seven days.”

As is common with time tracking features across other social apps, you’ll also be able to set yourself reminders to take breaks and limits to control how much you watch on the platform. You can even schedule when to get a mass notification for the day, or silence your phone during certain times.

The tools are available on both iOS and Android.

“We’re dedicated to making sure that you have the information you need to better understand how you use YouTube and develop your own sense of digital wellbeing,” the company concluded.

Feature image: YouTube

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