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More than a million people now use UberEats in South Africa

UberEats is this week celebrating its second year of operation in South Africa, and with it provided a slew of factoids on our eating habits and SA user numbers.

The food delivery service first came to Johannesburg in 2016, and launched in Cape Town in 2017. At present it operates in three additional South African cities.

In a press release celebrating the milestone, the company said that in the past year user growth has doubled with over a million people now using the service in South Africa.

It also revealed it lists more than 2000 South African restaurants are “providing over 50 000 meal options” on the app.

During its first two years of operation, UberEats has also discovered some interesting habits about the way we eat.

“55% of people in South Africa celebrate something with ice-cream or that 68% of South Africans prefer treating themselves to fast food than healthier options,” it revealed.

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About 45% of its trips delivering these ice-cream, fast food treats and more, are also completed within 30 minutes.

Soon, South Africa will also be getting a cash on delivery option, but the company failed to provide more acute details.

“UberEats looks forward to expanding the choices of customers to meet all budgets, and providing people with smarter and more personalised meal recommendations along with even more convenient delivery options,” it concluded.

Feature image: UberEats

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