Watch this painted elephant ‘fly’ across a billboard

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Billboards can be obnoxious pimples on the picturesque face of South Africa’s beautiful landscape, but this example is perhaps an exception to the rule.

Cape Town-based street artist Falko recently spent five separate days painting and repainting a “moving” image of an elephant on a billboard in Cape Town.

The artist — who is well known for his elephant and other artwork — was commissioned by ISP WebAfrica, to give his portrayal of the company’s mascot Rocket Ellie.

Yes, that would be a rocket-wearing elephant with a knack for inter-planetary travel.

“Over a period of six weeks, Falko updated the billboard five times until Rocket Ellie was hurtling through space from one side of the billboard to the other, eventually disappearing off the billboard,” the ISP explained in a press release.

“The final version of the billboard sees Rocket Ellie mid-flight in outer space, jetpack in action and ready to see where her imagination (and the internet) will take her.”

When watching the video, you may initially think Falko’s removing the artwork entirely, only to be pleasantly surprised just a few frames later. It’s quite a joy.

The billboard is meant to portray the limitless nature of the internet, but we just think that it’s a pretty incredible piece of art.

Watch the timelapse below.

Feature image: supplied, WebAfrica

Andy Walker, former editor


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