Spotify’s first Wear OS app is coming to your smartwatch

spotify wearos app fossil watches

Spotify is finally launching a standalone app for Wear OS, Google’s smartwatch operating system.

Announced by the Scandanavian firm on Wednesday, it confirmed that the app will feature most of the bells and whistles of the Android app.

This concludes scrolling playlists, the ability to cast via Spotify Connect, and the like button.

“We’re excited to bring improved on-the-go-access to your favorite music and podcasts to millions of Spotify users on Wear OS by Google smartwatches,” said Mikael Ericsson, the firm’s senior product director.

“Being able to easily access, control, and connect music directly from your wrist opens up a world of new opportunities. We look forward to continuing to improve the Spotify experience in this space.”

The company wasn’t clear if users could download tracks to their watches’ storage though. This, if not possible, would mean that you’d have to take your phone along on your daily run, or keep it nearby when cooking.

Not exactly a hands-off experience then.

Nevertheless, the app will now come preinstalled to Fossi’s upcoming line of Wear OS watches. But others will spot the app on the Google Play Store in the coming weeks.

Feature image: Spotify

Andy Walker, former editor


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