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Google’s Smart Compose will now suggest genderless pronouns

According to a report, Google has removed gendered pronouns from Smart Compose.

This means that words like him, her, he or she will no longer be suggested when typing in Gmail.

Smart Compose is an AI feature that helps Google users complete sentences by assuming the next word or phrase.

Unfortunately, the company noticed that some of these assumptions were gender biased, offering him in places where the user may be referring to a her.

Speaking to Reuters, Gmail’s product manager Paul Lambert said that the company takes gender quite seriously, calling it a “a big, big thing”.

He also explained that after many attempts to fix the bias, it was decided that completely removing gendered words would be the best option.

Lambert also revealed that about 11% of Gmail users around the world use Smart Compose, and the change would only affect about 1% of those people.

Feature image: Google

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